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About the Boutique
The Cookie Boutique, LLC became a business in January 2008 after outside orders came pouring in from friends and family through greatly appreciated referrals.
We are an Ohio Cottage Business, so all of our cookies are “Home Produced” in our home kitchen, special order for each one of my Ohio customers.



I have been baking for friends and family for more than 15 years, as a hobby turned passion. Baking has become a wonderful creative outlet for me and I am sDarleneWalker2015o happy that I am able to share it with others to enjoy …one cookie at a time!”
Thank you! 

Frequently Asked Questions
Are all of your cookies made fresh? Do you use preservatives?
All of our cookies are made fresh from scratch to order and contain no added preservatives. Our cookies are very soft and are best served immediately, but they store well in an air-tight container or when favor wrapped in high-quality cello bags for approximately 2 weeks. The cookies also freeze well for up to 3 months in an air-tight container.

Food Allergens: Our cookies are home produced in a kitchen that contains (and are produced with equipment that may be in contact with) nuts, peanut butter and other food allergens. Our cookies contain eggs, wheat flour, and milk products. Call if you are concerned about a specific ingredient.

I saw a picture in a magazine, can you make them for me?
Probably! All of our cookies are created/designed custom for you. You choose everything including shape, size, color and packaging. We offer hand-decorated, oversized message, custom cookie bouquets, (signature) vanilla sugar cookies, delicious chocolate sugar cookies, and a variety of other cookies as well. Send a picture, call or email for a custom quote. We take pride in making the perfect cookie for your occasion!

What kind of icing do you use? Is it hard?
To create the designs and detail, most of our sugar cookies are made with royal icing (powdered sugar, meringue powder, & water.) It is firm to the touch so the cookies can be stacked, but remains soft to the bite when served fresh. The icing may become harder, if the cookies are frozen before consumed.

Do you ship cookies?
As a cottage business, legally we can only sell cookies to Ohio residents and ship state wide throughout Ohio. Gifts purchased by Ohio residents can be shipped to out of state to gift recipients upon request. Most of our Cookie Bouquets cannot be shipped due to their fragile arrangement, with the exception of boxed bouquets like our Deluxe Rose Box arrangements.

I live locally, do you deliver?
At this time, we do not officially offer delivery, since we have a staff of 1 (me!). But I am able to make local deliveries on occasion, for a small delivery fee, so please ask.

I’m ready to order. When do I need to let you know?
The sooner the better and generally 2-3 weeks in advance. Need cookies asap? Call me. Occasionally we have an opening in our schedule and can accommodate your order. It never hurts to ask. Thanks!

What is a “cottage business” and why is it important to me?
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